Dental convention boosts economy

Kay Mukai
Kay Mukai
Kimberly Harms
Kimberly Harms

By Kristine Uyeno - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Tens of thousands of more smiles are brightening up Waikiki.

That's because dentals professionals from nearly 70 countries are on Oahu for the annual American Dental Association Convention.

It brings the latest in the dental industry to the islands and gives the economy a much-needed boost.

It has the latest toothpaste, the best technology and even a figure who could scare you into better dental care.

"Brush, here we go," said Vili the Warrior.

This event has it all.

"The Professional Care Smart Series 5000," said Kay Mukai with Procter & Gamble, holding up a technological toothbrush.

It has a timer, telling you when to brush a different section, a red light informing you when you're brushing too hard and even a smiley face telling you when you're done.

"They found that with this, the patients were five times more likely to brush the full two minutes," said Mukai.

As much as this event is for dentists, it's also, for you.

"We have been focusing more and more on making that patient feel comfortable, developing the skills and technology to fix the teeth in a comfortable manner and make sure that patient has a good experience," said Kimberly Harms, spokesperson.

That explains this patient chair, which adjusts to your body. This entire piece costs about $25,000.

If you don't have time to lounge around at your dentist's office, how about on-the-go whitening solution?

"If you got a glass of wine or cup of coffee with your friends, you can have it in your car or purse and immediately get that surface stain off so it doesn't saturate the tooth," said Ashleigh Speer with Discus Dental.

Just twist the applicator and brush it on, whenever you want.

This event, which runs through the weekend, attracts 24,000 here. Officials say that translates into a statewide spending of over $113 million, giving those in the tourism industry, reason to smile.