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September 28, 2009

A Mongoose Was Loose

John Fink John Fink

A mongoose apparently got into a transformer box two weeks ago, causing a power outage at Chaminade University and St. Louis High School for a short time. No official word on whether the mongoose was actually a copper thief, or simply a mischievous weasel-like creature, but you just don't hear many great stories about mongooses these days.

Mongeese or mongooses were brought in to help stamp out the ever-increasing rodent population back in 1883 in a failed effort to control rats that were feasting on sugar cane. But rats are primarily night time party animals, while mongeese are diurnal or daytime critters. Over the past 125-years or so, the mongeese have pretty much kept to themselves. That is, unless you happen to have a musubi wedged into the glove compartment of your golf cart, at which point the ferret-like creatures are more than happy to creep out of the bushes and confiscate your snack- plastic wrap and all.

Mainland cities have squirrels that dart out into the street (you've seen the TV ad, I'm sure) or raccoons that knock over garbage bins in their quest for a meal, but the local mongoose population by and large stays out of the way, preferring to spend its time in and out of the sun snacking on insects and (unfortunately) bird eggs. It's not a welcome resident, for sure, but it's not the worst pest you could have roaming around. Think about it...

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