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September 24, 2009

Getting Belted

John Fink John Fink

The good news is that apparently 98% of the drivers in Hawai'i are buckling up. The possible bad news is- really? When you drive down the road- do you notice that just about every driver and front seat passenger you see is buckled in? And what about those people who just can't seem to understand that a 3-year old standing next to the driver in the middle of the seat is simply not a good play site?

Don't get me wrong- the "Click It Or Ticket" program has been a great project, and I do think more people than ever before are cognizant of the danger and the cost- both in their wallets and with their lives- and so more people locally are buckling up. Last year half of the state's traffic fatalities involved someone who was not wearing a seat belt, so you can vividly see how the odds stack up against you should you decide to ignore this law and get in an accident.

And those who don't see the need to put their little ones in child safety seats are being cited- but in smaller numbers, indicating that the message is apparently getting through. Good news all around, and a great statistic for us to be leading the nation. Let's hope the very few who are still ignoring the obvious about seat belt usage figure it out like 98% of the rest of us have. Think about it...

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