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Healing from a horrific accident

Gary McEnroe Gary McEnroe
Sunday McEnroe Sunday McEnroe

By Paul Drewes - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - On a road well traveled in West Oahu, a bicyclist was critically injured last Sunday.

But now he has begun a new journey, one of healing.

47-year old Gary McEnroe grew up in Makaha, spending most of his free time fishing, diving, and enjoying the ocean. But his love of fishing almost cost him his life.

The waters were calling off West Oahu, so Gary hopped on his bike and headed out along a usually quiet stretch of Farrington Highway for some fishing.

But the overnight trip to the beach, nearly ended in tragedy.

"The last thing I know I was hit from the back. I didn't remember what happened after that."

What happened when car slammed into him, was bones were broken bones around his body. The accident also tore apart his leg, leaving him without a nearly foot long section of bone.

"I looked down at my leg and it didn't look right, I tried to walk and it was like walking off a step. My friend said you better sit back down cause your foot is not attached"

Doctors at Queens Medical Center have re-attached his foot by putting in a metal rod. And Gary can once again wiggle his toes. There will be another surgery Sunday, to move some muscle and arteries to his leg, which should increase blood flow. Surprisingly, through all of this, there is one bone untouched by this painful accident. Gary's funny bone.

"He has a good sense of humor, he jokes with the kids," said his wife, Sunday.

Gary will always have physical scars from this accident, but he doesn't have any emotional ones toward the driver that hit him.

"I don't have any hate or anger on him. He's human, I'm human, we make mistakes but his is costly," said McEnroe.

And before there is another costly mistake along that rural road, Gary would like to see more lights installed. So in the future, bikers and pedestrians would be more visible to drivers.

"I'm not the first to get hit while riding a bike but hopefully I can be the last"

Once gary is healed, in six months, maybe a year from now, he says he'll again ride his bike on Farrington highway on his way to the ocean to do a little fishing.

"Going to have to do something more than this to keep me off of it. The ocean is my life, my love, my passion. I'll be back out there someday."

If all goes well, Gary has been told it would be at least 30 weeks of healing. That also includes physical therapy once all the surgeries are over.

The driver of the car that hit Gary, was arrested for negligent injury.

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