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What People Are Saying

"You are awesome."

"Dr. Jon spent and devoted hours in making adjustments and refinements with temporary crowns several months before inserting permanent crowns to make certain that all aspects of this "project" would be done correctly. Compared to the state of my teeth previously, it is a MIRACLE!!! But it is no surprise that Dr. Jon could do this, for he is always striving for PERFECTION in whatever he does. Special Note: Before this miracle occurred, my teeth were a DISASTER: poor bite, cracked and crooked, and analagous to an ice glacier melting and inevitably falling apart."

"The second set of teeth belong to me. Prior to seeing Dr. Yoshimura, I was told by another dentist that I probably drank too much coffee and tea, thus the "dark stains" by the roots of my teeth. I hardly ever drank coffee or tea. I was also told that I should stop snacking as it's not only bad for my teeth, but bad for my health as well. I was also not a snacker. With a full time job and three children and all their activities, I had just enough time in the day to prepare and eat three meals/day. No time for snacking. Dr. Yoshimura finally answered the riddle. I was grinding my teeth, and coupled with a dry mouth, my teeth were falling apart. It took five years, but it was worth it! Dr. Yoshimura takes pride in his work and is meticulous. I now have functional teeth and the perfect smile! Thank you Dr. Yoshimura!"

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