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High surf advisory up for many northern beaches

Steve Davenport Steve Davenport
Maxwell Wickman Maxwell Wickman
Eric Basta Eric Basta

By Paul Drewes - bio | email

NORTH SHORE (KHNL) - The North Shore of Oahu is waking up from its quiet summer slumber with a swell start to fall.

Waves are building, giving many a preview of what's to come this winter.

"I've been waiting for the country to pick up since the winter surf season ended last march. We've been surfing a couple of days this past week to get warmed up, and I'm just praying to God we make it out safely, said Makiki surfer Steve Davenport.

While surfers warm up for the bigger winter waves, the barreling surf is attracting more of a crowd on shore. Who have come to soak up the sun and surf, as well as capture the picture perfect conditions.

"We were looking for the turtles, and we came across the surfers. We were fascinated, we have not seen those waves before in California," said Maxwell Wickman.

"You don't see it very often. I know I don't, and the water is gorgeous," added Andrea McCoy, from San Diego.

While surfers and surf fans are amped up because of the increasing waves, so are North Shore businesses, that need an economic boost.

"The first swell of the season means people are coming in, getting supplies and ready for the year. As well as maybe getting some practice time before the waves get really big," said SurfnSea Manager Eric Basta.

This combination of big surf and thousands of extra Japanese visitors in town for Silver Week has some island businesses riding high on the North Shore. And along with this swell being up, so are hopes it will be a busy winter both in and out of the water.

"This year I've heard is an el nino year. With big waves coming in early - sales are up."

Along with the bigger waves comes bigger dangers. Lifeguards had to make a dozen rescues on Oahu's North Shore, along with hundreds of preventative measures to keep people safe.

This swell is still building and waves should peak Friday, with North Shore surf topping 15 feet in some spots.

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