Cold Laser Therapy

Cold Laser Therapy is a new laser treatment that contrary to surgical laser systems does not create any heat.  Categorized as a "Therapeutic Laser", Cold Laser Therapy is utilized for nerve and muscle healing by stimulating cells on several levels by virtue of transferring photon energy into the individual cells.  This photon energy is then utilized to produce more of the cells own fuel molecules.  With more energy available, the cell will initiate a faster cell division cycle, as well as a more rapid cell differentiation cascade.  The actions which happen on a molecular level translate into faster healing and tissue remodeling on a clinical level.

Cold Laser treatment is painless and usually lasts only a few minutes.  It cannot cause any damage and has no adverse or side effects, so it is perfectly safe to use.

Dr. Uyehara is Hawaii's first and foremost provider of Cold Laser Therapy.