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Filling furlough days for students

Sam Bishaw Sam Bishaw
Ray Sandborn Ray Sandborn
Christy Borton Christy Borton
Michael Church Michael Church

By Paul Drewes - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - The furlough agreement between the Hawaii State Teachers Association and the State may have ended the labor dispute, but it's started a scramble by many parents.

The first furlough day happens only a month from now, so thousands of parents are searching for somewhere for their kids to go. Many are looking for furlough care.

Young kids are getting a chance to burn off some of their abundant energy, while learning discipline and confidence at the Martial Arts Company.

Classes are usually held after school, but next month students will be able to get their kicks on furlough fridays.

"We have some talented instructors, ten black belts. They will be joined by stay at home moms. We're going to do activities and keep the students occupied for a full day. Its more than just hanging out, its going to be school of a different kind," said Sam Bishaw of the Martial Arts Company.

Just down the road, the phone has been ringing off the hook at Kamaaina Kids, from parents needing help.

"A lot of calls. Parents are very concerned. Is there going to be something on furlough days? They are looking for furlough care," said Ray Sandborn, the President of Kamaaina Kids.

"Our concern is what to do with kids while we're at work. And we will have to pay for childcare," said Kailua resident, Christy Borton.

"Not only are we going to have to find someone take care of our son, but we're concerned he also won't get the education he normally would on Fridays," said Michael Church, a Pearl Harbor resident.

Parents aren't the only ones calling Kamaaina Kids. So are teachers, who want to be part of planned educational furlough days.

"We've like to have a nice blend, get teachers in there for a educational focus as well as have a recreational focus," added Sandborn.

Kamaaina Kids is just one of the child care providers planning to pick up where the state has left off.

Giving kids a safe place to play and learn while also giving parents piece of mind, over the new school schedule.

Many child care providers expect to those furlough plans in place, along with a curriculum by the end of the week.

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