Impact of teacher furloughs on education

Hawaii Schools Superintendent Pat Hamamoto
Hawaii Schools Superintendent Pat Hamamoto

By Mari-Ela David - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - A day after they cast their furlough vote, teachers are now faced with the challenge of maintaining quality education, with fewer days in the classroom.

Tuesday night, they ratified the collective bargaining agreement with the state.

Beginning October 23rd, about 13,000 teachers at 256 schools will start taking furlough days.

10-month teachers will be off 17 days.

12-month teachers have 21 days off.

Hawaii Schools Superintendent Pat Hamamoto says the furloughs will have a negative impact on education. But she says layoffs would be worse.

"I am worried about the negative impact and so what we're doing is looking at tips that parents can give us. This is a time when we are enrolling, enlisting our community, our parents, to help us mitigate the negative effects of the furlough and not having school days," Hamamoto said.

So what does this all exactly mean for parents and public school students?

There's a link on this page that addresses frequently asked questions regarding the furlough days.