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September 16, 2009


John Fink John Fink

We're not exactly starved for big time entertainment options in Honolulu, but we do seem to go hungry too often as we get passed over on an awful lot of the really good stuff that's playing elsewhere. Special movie openings, major concert attractions, unique music festivals, "A"-list acts, reunion tours, even touring theatrical performances of big Broadway hits- we just don't seem to get our fair share as a major metropolitan center.

The reasons are real estate-related- location, location, location. Unless we catch a break of some major act or performance stopping here on its way to or from the Far East or Australia, our isolation and the "price of paradise" cost factors preclude us from getting many of the blockbuster acts. Wonderful local entertainment, usually priced right, is readily available through smaller venues in theatre, symphony, and all types of contemporary music, but looking at all of the mainland summer concert tours we missed out on reminds us of just how far out of the entertainment loop we often are.

In the meantime, if you haven't gone to a local night spot, community theatre or niche move house recently, you might give it a try. It usually makes for a great night out, it's reasonably priced, and it does provide something different to explore as a single, a couple or a family; at least until U2, Madonna, or the "Jersey Boys"  show up. Think about it...
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