Outback Steakhouse Sports Spotlight: T.J. Kua

T.J. Kua
T.J. Kua
David Ishii
David Ishii

By Brian Ojima - bio | email

MANOA (KHNL) - To say that T.J. Kua comes from a golfing family would be an understatement. Both his parents, his grandmother and his uncle, former Hawaiian Open Champ, David Ishii are all golf fanatics.

So when T.J. first picked up a golf club at three years old, you just knew, it wouldn't be his last.

"I think I just liked hitting something, I played baseball as well as a kid and I just liked swinging something," said Kua.

By the time he was in elementary school, T.J. was hooked on the game. So much in fact, that every day after school, he would ask his grandmother to take him to the golf course.

"Having her take me to Wailua every day was like something nobody else could do for me at the time, my mom would always work, my dad would be at work, so she definitely played a big roll in my game," said T.J.

That game is constantly improving. You don't have to look any further than his victory at the Manoa Cup this past summer. The most prestigious and oldest amateur golf tournament in the state of Hawaii.

"well yeah it was huge, I didn't really expect much going into that week, I mean I know anything can happen in match play anybody can beat anybody, but I was fortunate to roll through and play well," explained Kua.

And having former Japan Tour Pro and Hawaii Hall of Famer, David Ishii as your uncle is always a plus too. It's a resource that T.J. has taken full advantage of.

"Yeah in past years, I've seen him for lessons, I've seen him for just mental talk I really look up to him, I respect him a lot his game is very simple and straight-forward but as far as myself I'd just like to take what I learned from last year and try to improve on that," he said.

Kua and the Warrior golf team open the season in two weeks at Oregon State University.