Parasailing a recession-proof industry in tough economy

Mark Nauman, owner
Mark Nauman, owner

By Diane Ako - bio | email

KAKAAKO (KHNL) - If you're looking for some adventure, you may find it in parasailing.

Go on the ultimate thrill ride as you set sail high above the waters of the Pacific Ocean while being harnessed to a parachute, being towed along by an extreme speed boat!

We tried tow-in sailing!

Hawaiian Parasail started doing this in 1976, and it's been taking off ever since! It's an easy thrill. You jump in a speedboat, motor out a few minutes, and get into the sail.

"The parachute is designed so that the flow of the air goes through and down which propels the parachute up," said Mark Nauman, owner. "The parachute is run by a hydraulic system. It reels you out and in, just like a fishing boat would reel you in."

If it's a still day, the boat moves along. But it's usually breezy enough.

"Sometimes you don't move at all. The boat just stays in place because there's so much wind here in Hawaii," said Nauman.

And here's the view from up above! This is me and my producer Tasha.

Just how high are we?

"We have different lengths of line 1,000 feet, 800 feet, 600 feet, and everybody has a great time," said Nauman.

We almost went a little higher, thanks to the good natured joking of the captain.

It's apparently a recession proof business!

"I thought this might be kind of a rough year, but this summer is super busy. There are plenty of people going parasailing," said Nauman. "Everybody just loves it. It's so easy to do and we get all types of people -- handicapped, blind, our oldest customer was 96 years old."

Because no matter your age, soaring along in the clouds will make you feel like a kid again!