Zippy's helps people stomach recession

Debbie Pang Chen
Debbie Pang Chen
Charlene Kim
Charlene Kim
Sandy Palakiki
Sandy Palakiki

By Paul Drewes - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Over the past year, many have seen their retirement savings go down, while the cost of living has continued to go up.

And the tough economy has taken a bite out of many people's wallets, but now island restaurants are helping people bite back at the recession.

Its a dinner filled with food and friendship. Even during this tough economy, Debbie Pang Chen of Salt Lake feels its important to get together for a meal out.

"After a hard days work who wants to go home and cook when you can go out to eat," said Pang Chen.

But dining out, can end up being an expensive experience, something many are reluctant to pay for, during this recession.

"Every penny counts now, especially if you don't make that much money," said Pang Chen.

A number of restaurants are offering discounts on dishes, or favorite foods for less, as a way to keep customers coming in, including Zippy's.

While many have found something they love on the menu, customers will now have something else to love - lower prices on many of their meals.

"We decided to reduce about half of our menu items, entrees, daly plates and specials," said Charlene Kim, Zippy's Administrative Director.

The cost cuts range from about $.25 for less expensive items to $1 on some pricier dishes, which equals about a 15% cut on the bill, making many diners excited about their meal.

"Thats good it helps, thats good they're lowering prices," said Sandy Palakiki, a Honolulu resident.

"It's a big deal cause we come here to often and it does add up," said Ilona Sai, a Honolulu resident.

Zippy's is cutting costs to customers because even during this economy, they have been able to cut costs as well.

"In this day and age its unheard of to reduce prices but we have experienced savings so we just want to give back to customers," said Kim.

Kim says Zippy's decided to cut prices after they had seen incredible interest in their on-line coupons and monthly value items.

She adds there will be plenty of time to take advantage of the savings as this is a long term strategy, not just a one week or one month deal.