Kahuku man finds joy in collecting snake plants

Angel Ramos
Angel Ramos

By Caroline Julian

KAHUKU (KHNL) - You don't have to give up gardening during the dry season. there's a type of plant that actually thrives without much watering.

Like a proud papa Angel Ramos shows off his snake plants as if they were his own children.

There are about 60 different snake plant species in the world, nearly 150 grow in his garden oasis.

The 80-year-old tediously labels them and catalogs them, for his own library.

"It is really fun because i'm doing all the research and take notes what I do," said Ramos.

Ramos claims he's even found a type that hasn't yet been introduced to the plant society.

One he's proudly named after --- himself.

The father of 13 children and retired Kahuku plantation worker has no formal training in botany.

But he's become an expert after collecting the plant for more than 25 years.

"Sanseveria's are very hardy and it has been said that it can thrive from neg neglect," said Ramos.

"It's not hard to grow."

The snake plant is tough, durable and highly tolerant of low light and poor soil conditions.

And they can be treated like a cactus.

The plants come in many shapes and sizes -- from a couple inches to 7 feet tall.

"They are not the same, they are different," said Ramos.