Stabbing victim breaks down in tears while testifying against husband

Herminio Sol
Herminio Sol
Mary Grace Sol
Mary Grace Sol
Mary Grace Sol
Mary Grace Sol

By Minna Sugimoto - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - There was gripping testimony Thursday in the case of a Waipahu man who's accused of stabbing his wife over the weekend. The injured woman, herself, took the witness stand during a preliminary hearing.

Just one day after being discharged from the hospital, Mary Grace Sol comes face to face with her husband. She breaks down in tears as she describes, with the help of an interpreter, how Herminio Sol attacked her in the middle of the night.

With her loved ones providing support, a physically- and emotionally-wounded woman gingerly enters the courtroom.

Mary Grace Sol, 41, says she was sleeping with her children in their home on Puloku Street in Waipahu Saturday, when her husband plunged a knife into her.

"I just woke up when I felt somebody was stabbing me," she said through an interpreter.

She tells the judge Herminio Sol, 64, didn't say a word as he held the knife with both hands. She says she screamed out to family members to call 911 and struggled with her husband for the knife.

"I was grabbing the knife away from him and I fell on the floor," she said through tears.

While she was on the floor, she says her husband kicked her in the stomach twice.

"Slowly, I have a hard time breathing," she said. "I can not breathe and I can not see."

Herminio Sol is charged with attempted murder.

After his initial court appearance Tuesday, his family said he recently underwent surgery for prostate cancer and may have been overwhelmed by mounting medical bills.

"I feel something in here," Mary Grace Sol said.

"Your honor, for the record, she is opening up her neckline to show a bandage on her upper right chest area," Jeen Kwak, deputy prosecutor, said.

Prosecutors ask the judge to increase the suspect's bail, saying the victim and her family fear for their safety. The bail is doubled from $100,000 to $200,000.

The judge determines there's enough evidence to send the case to trial. Herminio Sol is expected to plead not guilty at his Circuit Court arraignment September 24th.