Residents can't walk this way

Vincent Tully
Vincent Tully
Julie Dennett
Julie Dennett

By Duane Shimogawa - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Some scary moments for nearly 20 people who live in a Honolulu apartment complex.

For Vincent Tully, Tuesday night was just like any night, until he heard a strange noise.

"When it broke, it made a loud noise, I was just watching TV, when it happened," he said.

A huge chunk of the walkway right outside his Makiki apartment came crashing down. He and 17 others were evacuated, but no one was injured.

"I came outside and saw that the floor was missing and it landed on those cars," Tully said.

A car was heavily damaged from the falling concrete. Its owner says the damage to his car is around $4,000.

While some are scared that the other walkways will come crashing down, others say they don't care because the rent is cheap.

"It's an old building, that's kind of why the rent's cheap," Tully said.

Julie Dennett has lived here for 15 years. She says the apartment manager knows about the dangerous conditions, but nothing has changed.

"Like those up there, you can see, it's kind of a little nervous going around there now, the little fences are shakeable, it's worse over there," Apartment resident Julie Dennett said.

Police taped off a portion of the building, but on Wednesday afternoon, some people, like Tully was able to return to his apartment.

"It makes you want to move out, 'cuz it's bad foundation," Dennett said. "Tear down the whole walkway and just re-build the walkway, make it solid."

The city's Department of Planning and Permitting is investigating.