Fire Fiends

Oahu Firefighters
Oahu Firefighters

Thousands of acres have burned on Molokai in a wildfire whose cause is unknown.  We are at that annual point in the dry, summer season where we see fires of a suspicious origin appear in numerous places, including the annual tales of suspicious wildfires in leeward Oahu.

Maybe this will be the year that the torchers back off and decide that destroying the land and possibly ruining private property is not a way to get their jollies.  Maybe this will be the year that someone's conscience overcomes their need for anonymous attention.  Maybe this will be the year that our firefighters will not have to wade into the brush in 90-degree heat to try and control such conflagrations.

Who knows what possesses people to cause dispassionate grief and harm.  And who knows what prevents people who might be aware of whom the fire starters are to remain silent.  These fires really are not victimless crimes.  Everyone suffers- residents in fear, wildlife displaced, economically stressed public services, air quality, traffic concerns, etc.

We don't tend to have natural causes to our wild fires in Hawaii.  You don't hear much about lighting-sparked fires.  Normally, it's malicious humans.  Everyone should be on the lookout these days for suspiciously parked cars in unusual places off the beaten track as we hope to preclude major catastrophe in this driest seasons.  Think about it...