Scientists discover underwater treasures

Randall Kosaki
Randall Kosaki

By Kristine Uyeno - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - It's an amazing, underwater discovery for local researchers.

Scientists with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration just returned from a month-long trip to the Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument.

They brought back new images from the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands of deep-sea environments and deep-reef fishes.

"So as we continue exploring these deeper waters, I'd expect that we'll add significantly to the number of fishes to the Hawaiian archipelago and Northwestern Hawaiian Islands, and so it just underscores the need to protect some this biodiversity and to document it for future generations," said Randall Kosaki, deputy superintendent for NOAA.

Many of the fishes are endemic species, which mean, they're unique to Hawaii and not found anywhere else.

Scientists also noticed a small amount of coral bleaching, which is associated with warming ocean temperatures.