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August 26, 2009

Give A Hoot

John Fink John Fink

Someone on Maui killed an owl last week.  It was found, dismembered, in a box in a retail store parking lot.  A monk seal was shot a few weeks back...shot.  And that's not the first time a seal has been injured or killed of lately.  Both owls and seals, like sharks, are considered sacred by some- 'aumakua.  Why anyone would stoop to such a malevolent level of depravity is pretty much beyond comprehension.

A lot has been said about animal cruelty in the past couple of years- certainly the Michael Vick dog fighting debacle brought that sick spectacle to the forefront.  But the recent reports of animal crime involving some of our local and unique wildlife have to make you wonder- what were these people thinking, though thinking is probably too optimistic a term based on such acts.

Hopefully, culprits who take out their sorry issues on animals are caught and pay dearly for their transgressions.  Anyone who might have a clue as to who is responsible for such acts must come forward- if he or she has an ounce of integrity, compassion, and humanity inside.  For a society that doesn't act quickly and aggressively on crimes involving the mistreatment of any living objects is certainly a society headed down an ugly slope of passive indifference that none of us should allow, especially those who bear witness to such acts.  Think about it...


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