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Wahine Warrior fans learn 'Football 101'

Luena Lum Luena Lum
Royce Pollard Royce Pollard

By Zahid Arab - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - The University of Hawaii's football team kicks off its season next week, but the coaching staff might be doing some last minute recruiting.

More than 200 Warrior faithful were on hand at the 2nd Annual Wahine Football Clinic to learn about the team they love. They wear the green, go to the games and got "Football 101."

Luena Lum is no linebacker. But for one night, she's as fierce as one. The practice bags just buckle with the same intensity she's shown as a fan for nearly 30 years.

"I'm screaming and yelling and jumping like a crazy woman. I just get into it," said participant Luena Lum.

Like Lum, the participants are all wahine. And they've got game.

"They've got the form and everything. They've got some nice arms. One lady threw it over my head and I was like wow!," said Wide Receiver Royce Pollard.

Lead by Head Coach Greg McMackin and his wife, the women's clinic converts the average fan into football expert. They learn about strategy, team schedules and other useful information to "school" their male counterparts.

"Some women are very knowledgeable, others are just learning. We try and help them have a good time and learn some more," said organizer Heather McMackin.

"I can zone in on the line better, instead of just looking at the quarterback and seeing where the ball goes," said Lum.

But don't expect big hits, just the basics.

"There's throwing the ball, catching the ball, kicking field goals," said Head Coach Greg McMackin.

"They could come and take one of our spots, you never know what may happen," said Pollard.

The special warriors will eventually return to the stands. But, for one-night, females rule the field.

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