Outback Steakhouse Sports Spotlight: Dani Mafua

Dani Mafua
Dani Mafua
Dani Mafua / Ralph Ieru
Dani Mafua / Ralph Ieru

By Jason Tang - bio | email

MANOA (KHNL) - When your nickname is grandma, you better have a good sense of humor or really thick skin. Luckily, Rainbow Wahine setter Dani Mafua has both.

Since birth, there's always been controversy surrounding her name, and even now, she's still looking to change it.

"My name is Danielle Heilala Keali'iwahinekalahanohano'onalani Mafua," said Mafua.

With over fifty characters in her full name, it can be quite a mouthful to say. But don't worry, you can just call her Dani for short,

However, at first her parents were thinking something a little different.

"Chelsea. Yeah, I don't know where they got Chelsea from, and I think the other one was Lupe," said Mafua.

Even after Dani arrived her parents still couldn't agree on a name, that is, until her auntie stepped in with a suggestion that pleased Dani's father Daniel.

"My auntie came into the room when I was there, for the whole day I didn't have a name and said, how 'bout Danielle and we'll call her Dani for short, so my dad was happy, had a huge smile on his face and my mom can live with it," said Mafua.

But now 21 years later, Dani is looking for a name change again. But this time it could be her surname. That's right mom and dad, Dani is getting pretty serious with her boyfriend of almost three years, Warrior offensive lineman Ralph Ieru.

"He's an athlete, and athletes hang out with other athletes, so you're kind of destined to be with another athlete."

So really there's only one question we need to ask.

Is he going to put a ring on it?

"He is going to put a ring on it, and it better be a big ring too! I love you!" said Mafua regarding Ieru.

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