Interisland fare war takes off in Hawaii's skies

Scott Durgan
Scott Durgan
Virginia Choobua
Virginia Choobua

By Mari-Ela David - bio | email

HAWAII (KHNL) - An airfare war is waging in the skies over Hawaii. Several airlines have launched amazing interisland September deals, designed to lure travelers on a budget.

On Hawaiian Airlines website, there are one-way fares for $24.99. Mokulele is matching that. It is also offering one-way fares for $24.99, as well as an unlimited flight pass for $299 that allows customers to fly anytime and as much as they want during September.

Mokulele launched its sale first, then Hawaiian jumped in to compete.

Hawaiian says its deal is better than Mokulele's unlimited pass because it's easier on the checkbook, saying you pay as you go without having to commit a lot of money upfront.

Mokulele however, says it has an advantage over its competitor.

"We don't have limitations on our seats. If we have seats on a flight, the customer can use their pass to travel. On our competitor's it's going to be capacity-controlled, so hopefully there'll be availability, but on Mokulele, if we have seats open you can fly," said Scott Durgan, Mokulele Airlines CEO.

Travelers welcome the deals, although some say they are concerned about the price wars.

"It's great for the traveler but if it's the kind of fare war that's designed to undercut competition and ultimately do harm for the company then I really don't think it's a good idea. I would hate to see Hawaiian Airlines go the way of Aloha Airlines," said Virginia Choobua, a frequent flyer from Kona.

But in an industry where airlines are fighting for a limited number of interisland passengers, these fare wars are likely to continue, especially in an economy that's on shaky ground.

Go! Airlines is in on the interisland fare war as well.

Its one way prices for September are also going for $24.99.