Hawaiian Airlines pilots picket

Sam Taeyu
Sam Taeyu

By Kristine Uyeno - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - A busy day for Hawaiian Airlines pilots, not only in the skies, but also on the ground.

They're picketing at the interisland terminal of the Honolulu International Airport.

Also today, the pilots began voting on whether to authorize a strike.

The Air Line Pilots Association, which represents the pilots, has been trying to hammer out a new deal with management for over two years.

They spent some time last week with federal mediators in Washington, D.C.

The pilots are asking for an 18% salary increase over the next four years.

"Well, we've gone since pre-bankruptcy, we gave up $8 million to the company to keep them out of bankruptcy, the company still went into bankruptcy. And in bankruptcy, had our pension plan frozen, and more concessions taken out," said Sam Taeyu with the Air Line Pilots Association.

In a written statement, Hawaiian Airlines said, "taking votes and other actions like this are not unusual during labor negotiations and have no effect on our operations. Most importantly, progress was made at the most recent round of negotiations and more meetings are scheduled for October.

The pilots have until Sept. 10 to vote.