Using Eye-Fi to manage your digital photos

(KHNL) - Do you wish that there was an easy way to get photos off of your digital camera?

I know that with my busy schedule I usually take a bunch of pictures and maybe a few days later I'll get around to copying them to my computer and posting them on-line. Sometimes I take pictures with my phone and email them off to people, but in my opinion cell phone cameras just can't match the quality of even a mid-grade digital camera. Believe it or not, there's an easier way to manage those those photos while still using your existing camera. The technology is called Eye-Fi.

It's a surprisingly simply solution. Every digital camera has a memory card. Just replace yours with an Eye-Fi enabled memory card. That's it. Using a computer, configure the card to use your wireless router and post the pictures to your on-line album. After that, if you take pictures within range of your wireless network they are sent directly to your computer. In addition, it can simultaneously upload your pictures to Facebook, Shutterfly, Flickr, mobile me, Picasa and a host of other photo sharing websites and send your cell phone a text message once it's complete.

For example let's say you go to the beach, take pictures with your digital camera would them shared on Facebook. All you have to do is turn on your camera once you get home. Your photos are automatically sent to your computer and Facebook account. All you have to do is approve them on Facebook for public viewing.

Although Eye-Fi is relatively new technology, it is quite trouble-free and inexpensive. Eye-Fi cards start at around $60 and are available in SD and SD High Capacity cards. Be sure to check if your camera supports this type of card before purchasing one. In addition, it does shorten the camera's battery life since it's using wireless technology to upload your photos.

However despite these shortcomings the Eye-Fi is an incredible time saver and almost seems like magic when you see it in action for the first time. Since it's just a memory card, you can use it with multiple cameras and is likely to give you years of service even if you change or upgrade your digital camera. In fact, you may find that once you use Eye-Fi, you'll never go back to using plain old memory cards again.