Warriors getting ready, hope fans are too

Greg McMackin
Greg McMackin
Greg Salas
Greg Salas
Corey Neilsen
Corey Neilsen

By Jason Tang - bio | email

MANOA (KHNL) - Getting their season off on the right foot is a priority for the University of Hawaii football team.

They open their season next Friday when Central Arkansas comes to town. But don't underestimate their Division I-AA opponents says head coach Greg McMackin. They might not be the Florida Gators of last year, but this won't be a gimme win either.

Coach Mack has nine more practices left to prepare his squad, and he also hopes the fans will be ready too.

"I'll tell you what, we really need them at that first ball game, we appreciate our fans, we need the 12th warrior there, we need to have a full house that first ball game, because we play for Hawaii and they root for us and they really get the most out of the players," said McMackin.

Monday was also the first day of class for all the student athletes, and for a couple football players, getting back into a routine is mostly a good thing.

"It's good to take your mind off each thing, you know I don't want to think about football too much and not my studies and vice versa you know so it's a good balance between both, it gets my mind off things if I had a bad practice or a bad grade in class I get to get away from it with football or in the classroom so it's good," said Warrior receiver Greg Salas.

"Probably one of the classes I like the most is history, because I get to learn about everything, and one of the classes I hate the most is anyone that has to do with writing," said redshirt quarterback Corey Neilsen.

Speaking of classes, the 2nd annual Wahine Football Clinic presented by Coach Mack and his wife is on Wednesday evening. The event will teach the basics of the game, and cover techniques used on the field. Monday is the final day of pre-registration, but attendees can still register at the door at a cost of 15 dollars, which includes a manual and refreshments.

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