Co-worker says victim wasn't alone

Katrina Andaya
Katrina Andaya

By Zahid Arab - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Friends say Iris Kaikana-Rodrigues may not have been alone the night before her body was discovered.

Close friend and co-worker Katrina Andaya says the victim had intentions of meeting people out late Sunday night.

Police say the case is classified as an unattended death, pending the outcome of an autopsy. Monday, crime scene investigators continues a search for answers.

"I kept calling her and she's not answering," said the victim's friend Katrina Andaya.

So did the victim's co-worker.

"I text her last night," said Andaya.

They worked the closing shift together Sunday night at the Fort Street McDonalds.

"For the first time she didn't answer," said Andaya.

Andaya was concerned because she and the victim are inseparable.

"She talked too much and I liked it because I talk too much too," said Andaya.

Andaya and the 2008 McKinley High School graduate rode the bus from downtown to Kalihi after work. They were supposed to meet others out together, but Andaya says something didn't feel right.

"Too many boys that's the problem," said Andaya.

"You were supposed to hang out with her?" asked KHNL and K-5's Zahid Arab.

"Yeah I was supposed to hang out with her but I don't like, because too late," said Andaya.

Kaikana-Rodrigues didn't show up to work Monday. Her co-workers thought she was a "no-show," but now know why.

"I want to cry, I don't know, she was a good friend," said Andaya.

The victim's family says they're very shocked and shaken. They say iris was bubbly and bright and would never do anything to bring bad upon herself. Her autopsy is set for Tuesday, August 25th.