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August 17, 2009

Felicia Follow-up

John Fink John Fink

While Felicia blew by with minimal impact, more storms are obviously on the way this summer and fall, and the next time, we might not be spared; or maybe it's the time after that.  So how did you do in your preparations?

Did you have good communication with family and friends to make sure easy access to one another was in place?  Did you stock up on essentials at home in case you were forced to hunker down for a while?  Did you do a thorough analysis of your yard and immediate surrounding area to make sure you could successfully handle large amounts of rainfall over an extended period of time?  Did you make sure your pets would be cared for safely and consistently?  Did you follow along on-line or over-the-air with local media outlets to ensure that you stayed up to date on a regular basis?

Yeh, I know the last one was not the big one, but as we have truly experienced here with Iwa and Iniki, you never know when the next big one will follow through on its early path and cause problems on one or more islands.  While many people experience felicitous feelings over Felicia's failure, we should never become complacent.  Act wisely and early.  Think about it...

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