BayFest draws traffic, safety complaints about Black Eyed Peas concert

Grace Kajiyama
Grace Kajiyama
Brian Kajiyama
Brian Kajiyama

By Mari-Ela David - bio | email

KANEOHE (KHNL) - Black Eyed Peas fans are still fuming over the traffic nightmare at BayFest over the weekend.

1500 out of 15,000 ticket holders missed the concert because of the traffic.

On Monday, another issue was raised. It was a complaint about wheelchair accessibility.

A Kailua resident says BayFest was dangerous for those with disabilities. He says he was forced to ride his motorized wheelchair on the roadway, side-by-side with passing cars.

The massive traffic backlog at BayFest's Black Eyed Peas concert was only the beginning of Brian Kajiyama's ordeal.

That Saturday night, his mom Grace dropped him and his friends off in an accessible van, which they say almost broke down.

"When we entered the lot, I noticed oh, it was really unpaved and rough and our van is modified, the floor is lowered, so it scraped," said Grace Kajiyama, a Kailua resident.

Kajiyama and his friends could not see the live performance, and only had a view of the screens. They had to sit in the back, because Kajiyama says, there was no designated seating for persons with disabilities.

"The point isn't to get a better view of the show but rather it's a case of being safe since you never know what the crowds will do in such situations," he said.

There's more. After the concert, Kajiyama says his mom was not allowed to pick him up at the disabled parking area.

"We had to walk at least a mile to get to my ride and that walk was not accessible at all so I pretty much had to walk in the streets which was dangerous considering the amount of traffic," he said.

Kajiyama also said there are no curb cuts on most of the sidewalks, a safety hazard that Kajiyama has brought to the attention of Marine Corps Base Hawaii, via email.

"A simple response such as sorry, we did mess up with accessibility would be sufficient for me," he said.

"We don't expect a refund, we just would hope that for future events, they do have some way of accommodating people who just need to be dropped off and picked up and a safe place for wheelchair users. And that's all we want, just safety for everyone," said Kajiyama's mom.

Marine Corps Base Hawaii has issued a statement, saying:

"We are currently looking into this concern. We want all patrons of BayFest to enjoy their time on base and to be safe. All concerns we receive will be taken into consideration for the planning of next year's BayFest."