An update on Krispy the cat

Daniel Conley
Daniel Conley

By Paul Drewes - bio | email

MAKAKILO (KHNL) - First, we brought you the shocking story of a cat that was electrified but still lived. Now, we have more on the cat known as Krispy. And how he is returning to a normal life.

Its been a month and a half since we first meet Krispy. He's come a long way since that time. A trip inside an electrical transformer box scarred his body, burned his ears and destroyed most of his back leg. A leg that would have to amputated.

"So far he's healing well, he's doing a lot better," says his owner, Daniel Conley.

After all that, you can imagine he is very happy to be home.

Reunited with his owner who thought his missing cat had been killed until someone told him the story about Krispy. Krispy, whose real name is Kala, used to live in Makakilo until his curiosity nearly killed him.

Kala, it turns out, has a twin brother. Although they no longer look exactly the same.

"They were identical and the only way I could tell them apart, I would reach for his tail cause he has a kink in it. But now I can tell them apart," said Conley.

Kala lost an ear, and will always have scars from his near death experience. But is slowly getting used to only having three legs. And still has his playful attitude.

Although, Daniel does say this ordeal has changed Kala.

"He's more affectionate, cause he realizes he's more dependant. Now, he's more loving"

Kala is no longer allowed outside, because of what happened the last time he got away. And he is also recovering from an open wound on one of his good legs.

Daniel adds, he appreciates all the concern everyone had over his cat, and he's glad to have him home again safe and sound.