Star of 'The Doctors' in town to speak in Nu'uanu

Dr. Jim Sears
Dr. Jim Sears

By Leland Kim - bio | email

NU'UANU (KHNL)  -   One of the hosts of the KHNL medical show called "The Doctors" is in Hawaii this week to talk about healthy living.

Dr. Jim Sears is a pediatrician, and one of the four doctors on the program.  He answers questions and gives advice to parents on how to keep their children healthy.   He says it's important for parents to introduce healthy eating habits early on.

"When the kids are young, get them used to eating fruit, vegetables, instead of cookies, donut or cake," said Dr. Sears.  "And then they're going to have an appetite for the good stuff."

More than a third of American children are overweight.  Dr. Sears says it's important to eat healthier and exercise to avoid obesity-related problems like early cancer, early heart disease, and diabetes.

"For those who have children who are older, we have to change the bad habits," he said.  "The one thing is cut down on the sugar."

Friday, he went to the beach with his girlfriend and her son.  Saturday morning at nine, he'll give a talk at New Life Church on 1190 Nu'uanu Avenue in Nu'uanu.  The show "The Doctors" airs weekdays at 4 pm right here on KHNL.