Windward Oahu residents coping with rains, flooding

Miles Jackson
Miles Jackson

By Zahid Arab - bio | email

WINDWARD OAHU (KHNL) - After a flash flood watch, Windward Oahu seems to be in the clear after Felicia's last hurrah of heavy rain soaked the island Thursday.

Residents see lingering rain water and flooded roads every time there's heavy showers. They say the problem just comes with living there.

Thanks to a definite downpour, getting from "A" to "B" was pretty splashy. Along Kamehameha Highway, it's really nothing new.

"It happens all the time," said windward Oahu resident Tiana Kim-Davis.

Some properties were like pools.

"If it comes on the drive way, it's really high, but if not, it's about up to the ankle."

Torrential rain and eventually flooding forced traffic to shutdown at the Waikane Bridge for nearly three hours Wednesday night. At the Kim-Davis household, rain can definitely do damage.

"It will come into our house, we just have to clean up all the mud and stuff. Wash out the carpet."

There's also flooding in front of Miles Jackson's place in Kahaluu.

"That happens when we get heavy rain and if the city and county doesn't come by and clean the runoff," said Jackson.

But he doesn't have a cow about it.

"This is a coastal area and we're close to the water. You just hope this is not the big one."

Wet streets to stronger streams, residents will just suck it up.

"It happens, you can't stop it. You just have to deal with it," said Kim-Davis.

Felicia made her presence known on Oahu by dumping as much as 14-inches of rain in 72- hours. But no where near the severity of Hurricane Iniki. But remember, the active storm season is just beginning.