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August 12, 2009

A Sporting Chance

John Fink John Fink

In about two weeks, the University of Hawaii sports season begins.  As always, K5 will be bringing you the thrills and skills of our student athletes over 120 times in the next nine months.  Football, Wahine volleyball and Wahine soccer kick off the autumn slate, and if you can't get out to the games, your trusty home TV viewing location is the next best place to witness the spectacle that is UH sports.

For UH sports represents real reality TV- live, as it happens, unscripted, great drama with twists and turns and endings you sometimes can't believe.  Emotion and motion combining to provide a two- or three-hour respite from that other reality- the real world- and not a bad way to spend an evening.  This is not to be confused with other forms of so-called reality TV, usually taped, often contrived, and normally featuring regular people trying to act their best in the national spotlight, especially when they fake that smile while losing to someone they wanna slap.

UH sports feature amateurs, young women and men who entertain us as true student-athletes, expected to compete at the highest level in their respective fields of play while maintaining a strong presence in the classroom, getting prepared for life after college as they then become freshmen in the real world.  Not an easy task to balance for the youngsters as they provide mini-dramas to behold nightly for hundreds of thousands of local fans who enjoy witnessing this annual rite.  Bring it on.  Think about it...

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