Beretania Street reopens after overnight gas leak and explosion

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Beretania Street reopened Thursday afternoon after an explosion and gas leak just after Midnight. A spokesperson with the Honolulu Fire Department says gas infiltrated the Leiopapa Building Wednesday night. An electrical spark in a utility room ignited the gas which causedan explosion.

The explosion knocked out power to two other nearby buildings.

Three Makai lanes of Beretania Street was reopened after being closed for hours, making driving a nightmare for morning commuters. All lanes should be reopened late Thursday afternoon.

There gas leak was found about 8:30 AM across from the State Office Tower, also known as the Leiopapa Kamehameha Building. The State Capitol building remained open.

The Gas Company will be back on the scene Friday making repairs.

Most of the power in the area has been restored.