The Slipper House: a fixture at Ala Moana for 50 years

Glenn with father Kiyoto
Glenn with father Kiyoto

By Howard Dashefsky - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Of the nearly three hundred merchants that make up Ala Moana Center, there are 11 original merchants who have been here since day one.

Of those 11, most have seen changes in ownership or management over the years.

But the Slipper House has remained a family affair from the beginning.

Like the popular corner store itself, Glenn Uejio has been a fixture at the mall, from the day it welcomed its very first shoppers.

"Ala Moana has been good for us" said Uejio.

"It was good in the beginning on day one, the opening on August of 1959 was incredible."

50 years later, Glenn, a musician at heart,  runs the family business started by his father Kiyoto.

A hard working visionary who decided early on he wanted to sell something hat wouldn't spoil, and something everybody needed.

"The main Slipper House hit a nerve back in 1952 and to this day it's still clear what we're about" said Uejio.

The Slipper House still follows it's original game plan, to offer a wide selection of slippers at reasonable prices.

A plan that seems to be working when you consider how many pairs of slippers they've sold.

"It might be 10 million is my guess. 10-million. Yeah" said Uejio.

Of course over the years prices have increased, the shopping center has grown much larger, and the economy has seen it's share of ups and downs.

But through it all, the Uejio family spirit remains strong.

"I love management and I love people" said Uejio.  "And my staff is quite loyal.  That's the most fun part of my job, the people I work with."