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Kauai parking garage keeping employees cool while helping the environment

Bill Javelosa Bill Javelosa
Doug Sears Doug Sears

By Duane Shimogawa - bio | email

POIPU (KHNL) - It's probably one of the coolest parking garages you'll see and it's helping out the environment as well.

For about a year now, the Grand Hyatt Resort and Spa on Kauai's south shore has treated its employees to a pretty cool parking garage. The roof is actually made up of these photovoltaic panels.

"It's beneficial to us because it keeps our cars cool and it's also kind of attractive," Employee Bill Javelosa said.

It took the owners a long time before finally going ahead with this project.

"It was a big commitment for them to make, around 3-million dollars to install and it doesn't have an immediate tomorrow turnout investment," general manager Doug Sears said. "But to do the right thing for the island, to do the right thing for the hotel, even though it only saves about four percent of our footprint electrically speaking, it's a start."

Hotel managers say they're the first ones to install a system just like that, they're hoping other hotels will follow them.

"Looking at just needing to have the supports for the panels and then looking at the outcome esthetically, it's really kind of cool-looking, you really don't see that this often," Sears said.

Hotel officials say besides lessening their use of energy, it also keeps their worker's cars as much as 20 degrees cooler.

"Someday as technology continues to advance and credits might exist again, we can go out into our guest parking lot, maybe take our footprint reduction up to 10 percent," Sears said.

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