North shore residents wait for Felicia's aftermath

Anabel Cantu
Anabel Cantu
Linda Hayden
Linda Hayden

By Leland Kim - bio | email

NORTH SHORE, Oahu (KHNL) - With a flash flood watch in effect for most of the island chain through late Wednesday night, we could see some heavy rainfall.

Many people thought the worst was over yesterday when Felicia fizzled. Thursday morning, they realized they weren't quite in the clear when they looked up at the sky.

Pounder's Beach in Laie attracts locals and visitors alike. On this particular day, folks wanted to see if Felicia had anything left in her.

"We were kind of scared," said Anabel Cantu, who is visiting from Central California. '"Normally we associate hurricanes with Florida, not Hawaii. So we were kind of nervous but we kind of kept an eye on the weather but try to enjoy our time here."

Pounder's is named because of its crushing shore breaks. If the off shore storm system moves inland, it could make this place live up to its name.

"It's beautiful to be out here," said Cantu. "We're kind of happy the hurricane didn't actually hit but we're still excited to be here just to see nature. It's awesome."

Just further down south in Kahana Bay, residents are thinking positive thoughts.

"I was hoping we had the worst of it just because our house isn't leak proof," said Linda Hayden, who lives at Kahana Bay. "If it rains hard enough, we get leaks inside."

This isn't new for folks who live here. This area near Kahana Bay is prone to flooding during heavy storms.

"I'm hoping we don't get too much rain because most of the ground around here has absorbed as much water as it's going to," said Hayden.

Residents say they are ready for whatever this storm system might bring in the next 24 hours.

"We'll go home, we'll make sure we got enough in case the power goes out," said Jay Hayden, Linda's husband. "Make sure we have enough supplies, which I think we do. We have some books and I think we'll just carry on indoors."

There's a chance the storm system could pass through, away from the islands, but a flash flood watch is still in effect until Thursday morning.