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Windward Oahu hit with Felicia's rain

Priscilla Oshiro (on right) Priscilla Oshiro (on right)
Harvey Ota Harvey Ota

By Mari-Ela David - bio | email

WINDWARD OAHU (KHNL) - Oahu was under a flash flood watch on Wednesday, with the Windward side feeling the effects of rain and some wind.

Luckily, there were no major downpours or flooding to speak of.

The storm made for slick roads, and a thick blanket of rain clouds covering the sky.

The wet weather comes just when folks there thought they were in the clear from Felicia.

A view from Likelike Highway overlooking Kaneohe showed rain clouds so thick, you couldn't see the bay.

Windward Oahu is used to wet weather, but the Flash Flood Watch Felicia triggered has residents living in flood-prone-areas on guard.

"It's like a pool out here, it's very extreme," said Priscilla Oshiro of Kaneohe, pointing to her front yard.

Oshiro is a former flood victim.

When she and her husband first moved in five years ago, they didn't know their house was among the worst in the neighborhood when it comes to flooding. They learned the hard way in 2004, when floods crashed through their home.

The Oshiro's have since spent tens of thousands of dollars on a drainage system.

"When the firemen came the first year we were here we didn't have a drainage system, they brought like six different floating pumps," she said.

In Waiahole, folks are eyeing the Waiahole stream, which has a long history of overflowing when heavy rains batter the town.

Harvey Ota lives right next to it.

For him, flash flooding is not on his mind, it's the fierce winds Felicia may bring.

"I'm a farmer. I have fruit trees and the wind would knock all my fruits off which right now, I'm harvesting avocados and other fruits and it could be a big loss," said Ota.

It's potential damage many hope Felicia won't end up inflicting.

Parts of Windward Oahu got over an inch of rain Wednesday afternoon.

The National Weather Service said by midnight, folks out there can expect to see another quarter and a half inch.

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