Web site names '30 worst foods in America'

Sonia Angel
Sonia Angel
Stouffer's white meat chicken pie
Stouffer's white meat chicken pie
Pop Secret popcorn
Pop Secret popcorn

by Diana Gonzalez

MIAMI (NBC) - Whether it's the supermarket, the drive-thru, or a neighborhood chain, you're never far from a quick and easy breakfast, lunch or dinner.

However, you might want to think before you eat.

"Eat This, Not That," a book available through the Men's Health website, has come up with a list of the 30 worst foods in America.

On the list is a bottle of Sobe called 'Liz Blizz' for having more sugar than two Snickers bars.

DiGiorno for one supreme pizza was chosen as the worst frozen pizza with 790 calories.

The worst frozen meal is Stouffer's white meat chicken pie.

"There are two servings in here", said registered dietician, Sonia Angel, "But no one's is going to eat half of it. So when you add it, it's over a thousand calories."

Pop Secret kettle corn was picked as well, but we found a low calorie, low fat version. However, the "movie theatre butter" flavor contains five grams of trans fats.

Even Angel is shocked by the calories, fat and sodium on the worst foods list.

The worst sandwich is Quizno's large tuna melt with nearly 1,800 calories and 133 grams of fat.

The worst Mexican dish on the 'Eat This, Not That' list is Chili's Fajitas Quesadillas.

With rice, beans, four tortillas and condiments, the dish packs more than 2,200 calories.  That's comparable to the calories in nearly a dozen glazed donuts worth of calories and the saturated fat of 44 strips of bacon.

"I would think McDonalds would be way worse than Chili's" said one consumer.

Angel says it's not where you eat, but the choices you make.

"My recommendation to all my patients is always cut the portion in half when you go to a restaurant. In other words, only eat half of it.  That way at least you're cutting out calories, total fat, sodium," said Angel.

"Eat this, not that" calls itself yor ultimate resaturant report card. Most restaurant chains provide nutritional information on their web sites so customers can make informed decisions.

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