Outback Steakhouse Sports Spotlight: Greg Alexander

Greg Alexander
Greg Alexander

By Jason Tang - bio | email

MANOA (KHNL) - He's played in SEC country. He's thrown touchdowns against Notre Dame. But there's still one opponent Greg Alexander has never faced, a tropical cyclone like the one bearing down on the Islands right now.

"You know, whatever happens happens, if it hits you deal it then, you can't worry about things like that, if it happens it happens and you deal with it then," said Alexander.

Desipte never experiencing a tropical storm, Alexander, a California native, has dealt with his fair share of natural disasters.

"You know, a couple earthquakes, a couple of dry wild fires, that's about it, nothing too bad though," said Alexander.

Speaking of unforseen events, the starting Warrior QB has experienced that on the football field as well.

When he first started playing in pop warner, it wasn't behind center.

"I actually started as offensive tackle and each year I kind of moved outside one more, and finally in my third or fourth year they finally put me in as quarterback, and ever since then I've been quarterback," said Alexander.

Growing up in Northern California, Alexander knows a thing or two about legendary quarterbacks.

Joe Montana won four Superbowls with San Francisco.

While Jim Plunkett won two with the Oakland Raiders.

So with which team does Alexander's allegiance lie?

"Actually none of them, I'm actually a huge dolphin fan. I was a huge Dan Marino fan growing up, so I'm actually a Dolphins fan," said Alexander.