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Kawailoa Road residents hope new drainage system will prevent flooding

Scott Draper Scott Draper

By Minna Sugimoto - bio | email

KAILUA (KHNL) - Even though Felicia has weakened, the rains could still pose problems for those living in low-lying areas.

People who live on Kawailoa Road in Kailua say they're used to mopping up, changing carpets and throwing out waterlogged belongings during heavy rains. They're keeping their fingers crossed and hoping a new drainage system nearby will help.

Several homes in the neighborhood became flooded in November 2007. Crews had to come in and pump water out of the area.

Residents kept themselves busy Tuesday, hoping what's left of Felicia will be kind to them. They say the city recently completed drainage work along Kailua Beach Park that's designed to send water into a nearby canal, away from the low-lying community.

"We haven't had any rain since they put that in, so this is going to be the big test," Scott Draper, Kawailoa Road resident, said. "If water does come into the house, it'll flood a bathroom, a service room, washing machine area, as well as our bedroom."

"It seems like you have a pretty good attitude about the whole thing, I guess with Mother Nature," this reporter said.

"Well, being on camera and all," Draper said while laughing.

Draper says he and others are worried the canal is not cleared out enough to handle a large load of rainwater.

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