Job Link Tuesday: FCH Enterprises and Zippy's

Paul Yokota
Paul Yokota
Wendy Iwane
Wendy Iwane

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Today we feature the company FCH Enterprises. You probably don't know what that is but you will recognize their food. This is the parent company of Zippy's, the folks who make the Zip-Pac and so much more.

Howard Dashefsky: Here to talk about job openings are COO Paul Yokota and Wendy Iwane, who has been an employee of Zippy's for more than 20 years. Thank you for joining us. Paul, this is a big departure for you, you've come from more than two decades in the hotel industry, now you are with this company. Why the change, and how exciting is it for you?

Paul Yokota: I grew up with Zippy's, so it was an opportunity for me, after having worked here and on Maui, the Big Island and the mainland; to try to bring all that experience back to Oahu and Hawaii in general, to share that with a local company that I've grown up with.

Howard: There's a lot of hospitality that goes into being a family-owned business like Zippy's, tell us about some of the jobs, because you don't just have one or two or even dozens, you have a lot of job openings right now and pretty much constantly, true?

Paul: That's very true. We have about 120 openings right now. They range from positions like counter people to wait help to food preparation people to R and M, or repair and maintenance people, as well as assistant managers. So quite a range, people with all areas of expertise and all different levels of experience are welcome to join us.

Howard: And Wendy, you've been with this company for some 20 years, what makes it such a good company to work for?

Wendy Iwane: It's really fun, it's a fair and nice place to work. It's very family-oriented, it feels like a part of your own family.

Howard: And there's a lot of exciting things coming. Tell us about some of the different changes that are coming to Zippy's restaurants.

Wendy: The most recent change was our "Ka Hana Pono". We are going back to our basics, getting retrained.

Paul: Ka Hana Pono is an exciting venture for us. It takes us back, as Wendy said, to our basics. It teaches us to take care, take pride and share with each other and our customers.

Howard: 20 plus restaurants on Oahu, one on Maui, people on Kauai and the Big Island are always saying 'what about us?'

Paul: We are always looking. We are very fortunate that people ask us to come, ask us to join their communities. We very fortunate about that, and someday we hope to be there.

Howard: In the mean time, you can join the Zippy's community, FCH Enterprises. Numerous positions are available, well over a hundred, salary range is competitive and a wide range of jobs available at pretty much every level.