Felicia's fizzle bad for surfers, good for outdoor weddings

Brian Mattie
Brian Mattie
Petra Neitzel
Petra Neitzel
Andreas Neitzel
Andreas Neitzel

By Leland Kim - bio | email

EAST O'AHU (KHNL) -  When Felicia was still a hurricane, the National Weather service predicted big waves -- up to 15-foot faces -- on east facing shores.  Surfers were definitely out Tuesday, looking for huge sets.  But as Felicia fizzled out, so did the surf.   Only a couple footers on the windward and east side of the island.

Kailua Beach was warm and windy Tuesday morning, but as far as surf, not much there.  And conditions at Sandy Beach Park weren't much better.  They were somewhat disappointing, but surfers made the most of it.

"It was fine.  A little irregular and lumpy but it was still good fun," said  Torrey Goodman, a surfer from Lanikai.  "I'm not sure when the bad weather's going to hit so I wanted to set some surf in while I can."

"The swell never really popped," said Brian Mattie, a surfer from Waikiki.  "It wasn't really bigger than normal, just about two feet.  It seems like a weird swell angle. It's kind of a wind swell and it's hitting from the opposite end but still some fun waves to be had."

Conditions at Makapuu were also typical for this time of the year.  Since Felicia all but evaporated, it's not going to bring huge surf or other harsh weather conditions.

Wednesday, surf on east facing shores should have to three- to six-foot faces.  It's a far cry from the 15-footers they were predicting last week, but it also means less dangerous conditions.  Ocean safety did not report a single rescue Tuesday.

And Felicia's fizzle is not only good news for Hawaii residents, but also for those who made a special trip to be here.  A couple from Germany flew over to renew their wedding vows, and they're glad Felicia lost momentum before reaching the islands.

Petra and Andreas Neitzel are from Berlin, Germany.  They wanted to renew their wedding vows in one of the most beautiful places in the world, so they chose Hawaii.  They were a bit nervous when hurricane felicia was headed towards the islands, but in the end, Mother Nature cooperated.

"It's okay. It's fine weather for us," said Petra Neitzel, the wife.  "In Germany, it's much colder and rainy, and it's not like here."

"I'm very nervous today but Hawaii is such a beautiful island," said Andreas Neitzel, the husband.  "And hurricane's a piece of Hawaii."

The Neitzels traveled with their son Thomas for the occasion.

"It's a very nice day, a little bit windy but I think, it's okay," he said.  "In Germany, it's very cold, and here, wow!"

Ten-year-old hula dancer Grace Laudick from Kailua gave the happy couple and their son a small dose of aloha following the ceremony.

"I'm proud to be dancing for people who I can show the beauty of hula and the Hawaiian dance," she said.  "I just feel l so lucky to be able to do this and just being the only person, it's great!"

The Nietzels are celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary.