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August 10, 2009

Political Choice

John Fink John Fink

The political season is already up and running, and we're over a year away from the primary election.  As more players come into focus and make their intent known, others come out to play, as seats and opportunities open up.  As always, the big question include who will support whom, how much money can each candidate garner from its constituent base, and how much and how deep will the mudslinging go?

We already have just about the lowest voting percentages in the country, and a disenfranchised bloc of potential voters chooses to sit on the local sidelines election after election for various reasons.  Having accusations and cheap shots fly will undoubtedly help to discourage people from venturing forth in September and November of next year- yet you can be sure some fur will fly.

Perhaps the dog days of next summer will provide the most animated rhetoric, as pundits and power-makers view predictions and polls that show one candidate in trouble and another in front.  Wouldn't it be great if at that point every candidate held to a higher ideal- that they should be running and elected on the basis of their attributes rather than why their opponent or opponents are unprepared or undeserving of your trust and vote?  Ah yes, call me a dreamer, and let the games begin.  Think about it...

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