Oahu braces for Felicia

Coralie Matayoshi
Coralie Matayoshi
Ginney Sugimoto
Ginney Sugimoto

By Duncan Armstrong

OAHU (KHNL) - Residents on Oahu are preparing for the storm by buying the necessary supplies. Even though this is the first hurricane of the season to affect the state, some continue to procrastinate as it seems many are hoping for the best, instead of the worst.

The Red Cross has been keeping an eye on Felicia which has put everyone on high alert.

"We're hoping for the best and preparing for the worst. You always have to do that because nobody knows what's going to happen," said Coralie Matayoshi, Red Cross Hawaii Chapter CEO.

Matayoshi says disasters often strike quickly and without warning, and last minute preps were underway to make sure shelters were ready.

Rhett Garrot was one of the managers on duty at the Home Depot in Iwilei. He says a lot of the merchandise flying off the shelves is hurricane-related.

"Batteries,tarps, coolers, you name it. Just about everything," Garaon said.

Home Depot ran out of five gallon water jugs and propane quickly, but expects a new supply tommorrow, which is what many were stocking up on.

Ginney Sugimoto was hoping the storm would fizzle out, and that's why she waited so long.

"Procrastination, but I was hoping it would fizzle out, but I should know better. I'm here, buying the stuff last minute but I'll be prepared," said Sugimoto.

Most who came in were looking for flashlights and batteries.

Kimberly Frank of Kaneohe spent over $40 on a few flashlights and batteries for her daughter who is getting ready to head off to college, but says being prepared for a hurricane is not her department.

"No, that's my husband's job," she said.

At the brand new Red Cross Disaster Center, last minute phone calls were being made to make sure logistics were in place.

Many stores have been stocking up on MRE's, or 'Meals Ready-to-Eat'. Each one costs about $10 for a complete meal and lasts for up to 10 years.