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Big Island residents gear up for Felicia

Stan Lawrence Stan Lawrence
Gayle Cambia Gayle Cambia
Bob Cambia Bob Cambia
Jeff Weber Jeff Weber
Quince Mento Quince Mento

By Duane Shimogawa - bio | email

HILO (KHNL) - Despite Felicia taking a slightly different course above the Big Island, residents there are still gearing up for a big impact.

People in Hilo already get a steady dose of rain on a daily basis, so even if Felicia brings more rain, they already have the supplies to keep them dry.

We took to the streets of Hilo to get a sense of how people are feeling about this storm.

For some, the storm doesn't seem to bother them.

"So far, it's all g, it's all good," Surf contest organizer Stan Lawrence said. "Surf's real nice, 4-6 feet, it's on the increase, courtesy of Felicia."

But to others, the weakening of Felicia is still a strong concern.

"I did go and buy canned goods and water and I asked my husband does he have the big flashlight handy just in case," Gayle Cambia said.

Bob and Gayle Cambia don't believe in waiting until the last minute.

"We got everything ready up, ready to go, in case their coming, we'll be waiting for them," Bob Cambia said.

Ace Hardware is pumping, as many gas up.

"Our family got ready with some water, batteries, flashlights and things like that, just in case something happens, hopefully it doesn't, cuz we don't need a hurricane right now," Jeff Weber said.

A surf meet got waved in early, as county officials called for the closure of most beaches, including the one where the meet is taking place.

"We still expect some flooding, we're geared up for that, so right now, just trying to keep all everybody in the group, we've received a lot of calls now, more people are getting interested, so we've wrapped up our staff to take care of that," Big Island County Civil Defense administrator Quince Mento said.

As they take care of business from their headquarters, residents take care of their own business at home.

"Make sure my empties are secure, my dog has enough shelter stuff like that just little things," Dennis Nijiri said. "I think we have enough stores to last 2-3 days."

Others are lucky loved ones have it all taken care of.

"I'm not, but I'm letting my husband kind of take care of that in terms of the windows, we have a lot of them," Julie Zelko said.

Big Island County officials are telling residents to get their hurricane-preparedness kits if they have not done so already.

They're also telling people to avoid going outside Monday and Tuesday.

"I don't think it'll be too bad, hopefully," Nijiri said.

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