Pet owners urged to take precautions

Danielle Sherwood
Danielle Sherwood
Kawehi Yim
Kawehi Yim

By Zahid Arab - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL)- As you stock up on emergency hurricane supplies for your family, there are also some precautions you should take for your pets. Owners say they're already making preparations.

"What are you doing? Oh thank you," said pet owner Danielle Sherwood.

Brandon and Danielle Sherwood sure love their dog.

"No gnawing on my watch!," said Brandon Sherwood.

The pup is part of the family.

"You're going to protect your pet just as you would your own children," said Danielle.

The Hawaiian Humane Society says before a severe storm or hurricane strikes, make sure you have a two week supply of pet food, water and medicine.

"You don't want to forget about them and leave them until the last minute," said Brandon.

And there's a lot to think about.

"Do you have enough food for them, water, that they aren't going to get too hot if you board up your house," said Danielle.

If you leave your pet at home during a hurricane, there are some important reminders:

"Keep your pets indoors, don't leave them out, take them into a quiet secluded area," said Hawaiian Human Society spokesperson Kawehi Yim.

Your other option is to take them to a designated shelter for both people and pets.

"You are with your pet and you're able to care for your pet and make sure your pet is in a safe environment," said Yim.

Some of the pet-friendly shelters on Oahu are: Kaimuki High School, Moanalua High School, Moanalua Middle School and King David Kalakaua Middle School.

"Currently throughout the state of Hawaii there are about 55 pet friendly shelters with 30 alone on Oahu."

The Sherwoods say preparing now, prevents panic.

"It's one less think you have to worry about with something like this coming," said Brandon Sherwood.

Veterinarians are also offering to micro chip your animal for $5 this month.

For a complete list of the state's pet-friendly shelters, how you can volunteer at one, and other useful information for your animal, click on the Hawaiian Humane Society link on this page.