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August 5, 2009

Birth Daze

John Fink John Fink

There are those who continue to question if President Barack Obama was really born in Hawaii. These dim bulbs are quaintly referred to as "birthers". Perhaps they should be called "burpers", because if they ever get over this quandary, they'll be burping up some other theory or dilemma in an attempt to deny reality. Before you start lumping me into some sycophantic camp of Obama worship, understand that I am very much aware that our president does not walk on water. I am convinced, however, that he did walk in Hawaii when he took his first steps.

There has been ample proof provided a number of times- from hospital records, from hospital employees, from handwriting experts, etc. But some people simply won't accept that. Some of these are the same people who also ask those of us who reside here if we ever get back to the states. And some of them still think that Elvis is alive, the moonwalk was faked, and everyone's out to get you. Oh yeh, they are.

Yes, Obama is different in a number of ways from the leaders we've had for our first 232 years as a nation. And yes, Hawaii is different in a number of ways from the other 49 states of this great nation. The alarm clock has gone off folks; it's time to celebrate those differences and those things that bring us all together. That's called America. Hope you enjoy it. Think about it...

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