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August 3, 2009

A Sporting Chance

John Fink John Fink

You want to find something inspiring?  Something to make you have faith in the big picture, to believe that good deeds happen sometimes simply because it's the right thing to do, even in these tough times?  Look no further than the magnanimous donors to the public school sports programs.  The Clarence T.C. Ching Foundation, First Hawaiian Bank, Bank of Hawaii, the GIFT Foundation, discount airfares from Hawaiian Airlines, etc.

And all of this spearheaded by Keith Amemiya, executive director of the Hawaii High School Athletic Association, who not only runs the organization, but repeatedly puts his money where his heart is.  He and wife, Bonnie, are personally giving $30,000 to the effort, aimed directly at helping Molokai and Lanai teams travel this upcoming season and at Pearl City High School, where football coaches opted to work for free this year.

It's not the first time Amemiya has given out of his own pocket- he personally helped fund the scoreboard renovation at Roosevelt's football and soccer field.  By the way, Keith was also the architect of the great move to add high school Division II sports, which has allowed so many an opportunity to compete for league and state titles heretofore unattainable.  This latest effort is once again an inspiration and message to us all- bringing the public and private sectors together to solve problems for our kids.  Right on, Keith.  Think about it...

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