Large shark swims by surfers before launching high-speed attack off Oahu

James Stone
James Stone
Jerome Nikolao
Jerome Nikolao
Peter Kasper
Peter Kasper
Nancy Woolley
Nancy Woolley

By Zahid Arab - bio | email

HALEIWA (KHNL) - After a shark sighting at a popular Oahu surf break, Chopper 8 captures dramatic video of a large shark swimming alongside surfers and then launching a full speed attack on a school of fish.

The sighting happened Monday near Papailoa Beach, also known as Police Beach on the north shore of Oahu just before noon Monday. Lifeguards lifted the shark warning hours later, but they'll return Tuesday to see if there's still a threat.

Ocean Safety didn't see a shark but they did find a turtle that appeared to have a shark bite .

"It says warning, shark sighted. I'd love to see a shark wouldn't you? It's a bit different than England, isn't it?," said Martin Stone.

"They're great creatures of the ocean" said James Stone.

"Do you have my batteries? I've got my head phones here," said Jerome Nikolao.

"I came out with a camera hoping to see things."

A shark sighting kept the crowd in suspense.

"There's a bunch of people down there waiting for a shark to show up," said Peter Kasper, a visitor from Idaho.

"I've never seen it and I've been here 35 years," said Nancy Woolley.

"Chances are there are sharks out there, more often than we even think about," said Patrick Doyle of Malama Na Honu, an organization concerned with sea turtle protection.

Out of nowhere sea turtles start to show up on shore. Natural prey of the tiger shark, they often come to land for safety.

Chopper 8 soared above and spotted a large shark. It came close to surfers and they didn't even know it. The low tide increases the shark's visibility from the air.

Minutes later, the shark spots a school of fish nearby. It waits and waits and then it makes its move. The fish frantically scattered away from the scavenger.

"If you're out there surfing in the water at anytime, you're in the shark's playground," said Woolley.

"If we can see a dorsal fin appear out of the water then wow... amazing," said Martin Stone.

Unfortunately, you may need a helicopter for that.