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More island families moving in together

Rene Julian Rene Julian
Sam Shenkus Sam Shenkus
Bonnie Osaki Bonnie Osaki
Roberta Wong Roberta Wong

By Paul Drewes bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - During this economic downturn, many are still looking to upgrade or even expand their homes. But this trend of bigger and better is actually a way to save money and resources.

There are many things new for island homes, showcased at the weekend's BIA Home Remodeling Expo.

How about self cleaning windows. No more wiping, just hose them down.

Or decking you can install yourself in a matter of minutes.

Many homes are also going green, both inside and out.

While solar remains one of the hottest items this year, whether its to power your home or heat your water.

"There's been a lot of interest in solar people. Not only wanting to go green but there are tax credits, rebates," said Rene Julian of Alternate Energy.

The Building Industry Association remodeling show is full of ideas. But during this recession residents are looking for more than just innovation.

"For a lot of people in this economy they are looking for value. They're looking to see how they can save money in energy and the cooling of their home," said Sam Shenkus with BIA Hawaii.

But along with all the new items, there is also a return to an old concept for your home. Expanding an existing house for multi-generational living.

"We're about to fit more families together and its so nice, because they can work together to pay for the project. And also look after one another, grandparents watching grandchildren and vise versa," said Bonnie Osaki, with Graham Builders.

That's why Roberta Wong is looking to add onto her Kailua home. To bring her family closer together, but not too close that it creates a problem.

"We have the children in their 30s and 40s and they have an apartment in town. We have grandchildren, it would be nice if they can come stay with us but in separate quarters," said Wong.

Other families are looking to bring in aging parents to a home, and they want to make sure that house is accessible for the elderly.

There has been such an interest in this, that lawmakers passed a resolution this past session creating a task force to make it easier for owners to modify their homes, for multi-generational living, and for elders aging in their place.

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